Can anything like security come from the Government? TBC Creator explains

Can anything like security come from the Government? TBC Creator explains

The Elite have succeeded in gathering 99% of all the wealth in the world to themselves, leaving us the 99% of the world population with only 1% of the money left over to share between ourselves.

It’s frightening to face just how evil the Elite are considering the amount of power they have accumulated in possessing so much wealth and influence in our world.  The internet is loaded with exposure of just how evil they are in how they use that wealth and influence.

If we liken the above “Bugs Life” clip to the Elite, they are the grasshoppers and they have taken 99% of all the food the ants gathered which only leaves the ants 1% of all the food they gathered to be shared among themselves–all the ants.

The innovation of TBC is not in the technology of crypto-currency; its in how this currency is valued and priced.  TBC is the First “Abundance-Based” currency and have tied its value to community growth and not the market.  The Mission of TBC is to End Poverty globally, and we hope to achieve that in 2018.

Now let’s talk about the purpose of TBC.  Why was TBC created in the first place?  I am the Creator of TBC.  TBC is my idea.  I was born into a poor family within my country.  Growing up poor was a real challenge for me.

Eventually, I was able to rise above poverty, I became a Millionaire.  I found that building teams was the easiest way to create wealth on purpose.  I also spent an unusual amount of time researching why the world is the way it is; way more time than what the average person would be willing to do.

I courageously faced the truth!  The truth is scary.  Once you know the agenda of the Elite, you feel like an ant–almost powerless to do anything about the evils in this world.  We are lead to believe that there are authorities we can count on to bring justice to this world.

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Unfortunately, so many of these so called authorities work for the Elite, and many don’t even realize that.  There are many brave info warriors spreading the news about the Elite, and exposing just how bad they are in our world.  I truly appreciate the awareness campaigns they run.

But awareness won’t change a thing in this world.  A poor person only feels more frustrated the more they become aware of whats going on in this world.  The problem is not isolated to just one country, race, or religion.  These evils are pervasive worldwide.

Like a disease, the evils at the top of the structures of mankind spread war and crimes throughout the entire body of humanity.  Currently, the people of Earth are in the middle of so many conflicts with each other, they all fail to see the source of all these conflicts.

That’s the divide and conquer strategy working very well for the Elite.  Are you able to look passed whatever conflict you may fall in, and see the bigger picture?  I hope so!  You need to understand that all conditions are temporary.

The condition of your life will either get better or worst depending mostly on the choices you make in life.  I may have been born poor, but I don’t need to die in poverty; its up to me to change that condition–and I did!  You can do the same!

With any aspect of your personal life!  Consider this, how about changing the level of your personal security?  Who do you trust with your security?  Well, if you only trust yourself, then you are as secure as a single ant standing alone!  Hmmmm…  If you are expecting government to take care of your security, at the very least you have set yourself up for great disappointment.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-government.  We need to face the facts, just like the ants in that clip above, we will have more protection if we unite and stand together as one for our security.  Regardless of our nation, race, or religion; we need to come together in one body of protection.

All for one, and one for all!  There is no need to sacrifice our respective freedoms to gain this security by coming together.  In fact, freedoms expand with unity.  Let me make this clear too, I’m not an advocate of one mind and one NWO government.  That is the opposite of what I’m talking about.

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There is safety in numbers.  At this time we have close to 250,000 Members in TBC, and that is a significant number.  We all have been asked to unite around one thing–the Membership Agreement.  Yet, some have not understood the importance of that agreement, and have not honored it.

We are cleaning our own house now to remove those dishonest members!  Once we fully unite around the Membership Agreement it will naturally result in ABUNDANCE for ALL.  Some people are just too impatient to see what we are building and have abused TBC.

Understand this, the PURPOSE of TBC is PROTECTION.  In the movie Bugs Life, the ANTS WIN, and they deserved it!  We can WIN too!  Not just by the power of unity, but also in the principle of funding our personal security.

TBC creates wealth FAST, automatically!  TBC will make you RICH  and POWERFUL as an individual, and the unity of mass quantities of RICH and POWERFUL people will overtake the agendas of the Elite and spoil them.

Once we reach our goal of uniting one Billion people, the achievement of Ending Poverty will be within our grasp.  Once we complete that mission, we will become an unstoppable force to do good in this world.

As our members become more educated, they will learn how to become sovereign and then everything will change for the better.  So, stand with us, and know that our PURPOSE is that we are here to protect each other, and one day we will become a force of nature to bring goodness into our collective world!

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