Get 1 Million Cookies Weekly (Poster/Article)

1 Million Cookies

I’m doing my best to get everything ready for Migration, but many of you are holding us back.  We go over many critical things in our send button meetings and even items that are meant to remain private.  Your attendance is not required, but it is highly encouraged.  You will remain in the dark on several things that matter if you don’t attend.  The meetings are 30 minutes once a week on Mondays at 7AM PDT and are very interactive where you can ask questions live, even on the sensitive items that come up and we don’t share publicly.  For a limited time only, you will receive 1 Million Cookies for each meeting you attend until notified otherwise.  This is a huge reward!  Let me put this into perspective.  1 Cookie = 1 Kringle; and the next Cookie Redemption period is only 5 weeks away.  1,000,000 Kringles is worth 30,000 Euros TODAY!  Is anyone else paying you 30,000 Euros to attend a 30 minute meeting, WEEKLY?  I think NOT!  We need to come together as a community and stand strong and unified.  ATTEND ALL SEND BUTTON MEETINGS.

Please note:  We are building our own economy with our own currency.  We are in the distribution phase of our currency deployment.  Admin of TBC is just like a Central Bank and each Member of TBC is like a Retail Bank.  The Central Bank supplies ALL of the Retail Banks–that’s YOU!  YOU need plenty of MONEY in your VAULT in order to do business.  It is my intent to spread TBC out far and wide and distribute 99% of all the TBC to the 1 Billion members.  Those that participate the most will end up with much larger quantities of this global distribution.  Cookie Rewards such as this attendance of Send Button Meetings gives me justification to distribute large amounts of TBC compared to what one is ask to do in return.  There will be more and more ways to access opportunities within this distribution.  1 Million TBC Billionaires and 1 Billion TBC Millionaires is a more sustainable basis of wealth distribution for a sound economy than what we have to deal with today in this current economy created by the Elite that is about to collapse.  Think about that!