Got a Send Button? Then YOU Can Set Up YOUR Broadcast on the 24/7 Schedule (Poster/Images/Article)

YouTube Live Video

If you have a Send button then you are able to set up a 30 minute Broadcast on the schedule.  As I said in the previous article, you should not just see the Broadcast as an opportunity to serve the whole community, but you should also see it as an opportunity for self-promotion and to pick up that cash off the table other TBCians have left behind.  Tens of millions of dollars are sitting there waiting for someone like YOU to come by and pick it up.

Here is how this will work right now.  15 minutes before Midnight Fiji time the new schedule for the day will automatically post to the broadcast page on the websites.  At that same time, a new empty schedule will become available to add shows for the next day.  If you are very particular on the timing of your broadcast and especially if you are trying to build an audience for a very particular time of day then you want to be ready to post your show right at this moment of transition of 15 minutes before Midnight Fiji time.  Then the empty schedule for the next day will have 24 hours to get filled up with shows covering two streams, the primary and back up streams, later we will add streams as needed to meet demand.  Doing a regular show could be one of the most profitable activities you can do inside of the TBC community.  There are millions of orphans in the community and things are really getting exciting now that we are so close to migration.  Get your show in front of them.

To set up your show, check the schedule for an open spot and then go to YouTube and quickly set up a future Live show and get a link for it.  Then login to Kringle Cash and click the Send Button item in the menu.

Menu of Send Button

Then click Tomorrow’s Broadcast…

Find an Opening

Then click on the Time Slot you want for your show…  Fill in the Primary Slots first…

Time Slot Request

Paste in the link or URL to the future Live Show that you set up on YouTube and Select the language you will you be speaking in for that show and then click the Submit button.

Then your show link and language should show up as scheduled.

I’d like to encourage as many of you as possible to do a daily show and build an audience.  Cookie Rewards are coming soon based on the number of your YouTube Subscribers as part of the TBC Distribution Phase of building up the TBC economy.  Get started TODAY!