How I made #171,237 in less than 1week from TheBillionCoin on Wittyxchange

How I made #171,237 in less than 1week from TheBillionCoin on Wittyxchange


This post will explain how I made One Hundred and Seventy-one Thousand, Two Hundred and thirty-seven Naira in less than one week selling TheBillionCoin (TBC) on WittyXchange.

Before I proceed, see proof for yourself in the image below:

How I made #171,237 in less than 1week from TheBillionCoin on Wittyxchange

Transactions making up the amount

Now we can get to it proper.


This is the time for cryptocurrency and nothing will stop it. Change your attitude and take more time to educate yourself about crypto currency and how each gain value especially TheBillionCoin.

This will help you to understand that the figure you see in TBC is possible rather than dying in scarcity mentality.

Well, you don’t believe it because you are yet to understand that the Bank Notification/Alerts you receive is not actually your money but just a figure filled with zeros.

Forgive me if I talk too much…lol

Early this year, WittyXchange was born from the Brand WittyGiants.

The official TBC blog recommended WittyXchange as the approved TBC exchanger in Nigeria after some interview with the president Dan Ewa (Dannish).

C’mon, am here to know how to make the cash not all these stories!

Here’s how WittyXchange work and how I made #171,237 in less than 1week

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First, you need to confirm that thebillioncoin admin recommended this site for TBC exchnage. Here’s an official TBC blog post on that:

Working to Decentralize TBC One Country at a Time—Nigeria Launches Local Exchange

When you register on WittyXchange, you are not alone, you are connected with other game changers and you can interact with your sponsor or downliners (people you referred).

I received my first order of #20,000 and was given 120 minutes to execute which was shown in my Order Details page.

I logged on to my TBC wallet, sent the payment, screenshot and then uploaded to the site as seen in the image above.

A day later, there was another new order of #39,000 and so on.

The last order of #100,000  was a miracle and a testimony. that was 2days after my last executed orders. At about 1:10am, I had gone to bed. I was pressed so I woke up to ease myself just to see the message and I still had time.

I thank God for that miraculous urine…lol

Infact what made it a divine urine was that my battery was remaining 5%. But then I had imagined such situation and I opened my wallet as well as wittyxchange site on my mobile browser. So within 10 minutes, I was done with the transaction and finally, my phone went off.

Yea…that’s all and how simple and stress free it was making money through TBC on WittyXchange.

Question Time

How can I start exchanging my TBC to cash through WittyXchange?

Register on WittyXchange

Let your friends know what they can benefit from being there just like am doing now

Any purchase coming from the friends or downlines are assigned to you and any sales from your 1st to 3rd generation of downlines, you get some percentage.

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In TBC, it’s all about wealth sharing and no room for selfishness. You try to be selfish (stand alone), you miss out. TheBillionCoin official blog stated reasons you should not be alone HERE

Is WittyXchange only for Nigerians?

No! TBC member from any part of the world can Register and be part of WittyXchange. This is made possible as your prospects can purchase with Bitcoin and you get paid in Bitcoin also.

Does WittyXchange require any initial payment?

Any TBC exchanger that charge you any dime to benefit from it purely a scam. WittyXchange only take commission when you sell your TBC (this is to meet admin cost of running the site)

Must I have TBC to enjoy this platform

If you are hard working, you can make millions on WittyXchange without having a single coin. how possible? You earn from the sales of your downliners.

I’ve been lazy to make this post because of time. Please, I will appreciate if you drop any question you have on How I made #171,237 in less than 1week from TheBillionCoin on Wittyxchange and I will answer you in less than 24hrs.



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