IMPORTANT: Celebration Hosts Please Read (Poster/Article)

2nd Year Anniversary

The BROADCAST page is live now in both and and you need to check it immediately. The adjustment from PST to PDT most likely moved your show time by an hour, in order to start the show at the intended time of Midnight Fiji Time.  We will be so grateful if you all just accept the time change for now so that we can have a successful 24 hour broadcast in celebration of our mutual achievement of growing our TBC community for 2 whole years now.  Most coins never even hit the radar within their 1st year.  This is a very big achievement.  So, as needed according to the broadcast schedule adjust the times of your shows to start at the time shown on the broadcast schedule.  Feel free to do longer shows if you wish, and at the 29 minute marker let your viewers know that the next show is about to begin and that you want to continue for what ever amount of time you would like.  This could give the viewers of our 24 hour broadcast more choices.  The Primary and Backup Shows give the viewers 2 choices already for most of the 30 minutes segments.  Let’s start the broadcast off on the right foot by just following the schedule.  Thank you in advance for putting on a great show for all of us.