Get free 100,000 kringles cash free instantly Get free 100,000 kringles cash free instantly

For all the existing and new TBC members, you can now get free KRINGLE CASH from here. If you are here, it means you already know that kringle is a unit of TheBillionCoin (TBC). While TBC grow 1-5% every day, you might not be able to purchase a full TBC.

What is Kringle Cash?

Kringle is a unit of TheBillionCoin (TBC) which grows 1-5% per day as a result of membership agreement which states that TBC never goes down. This means that as more people are joining the community, the coin appreciates in value. Isn’t this worth your time?

TheBillionCoin is a cryptocurrency (digital currency) that is on a mission to end poverty globally in the year 2018. It is expected that any kringle acquired today (which is the smallest unit of TBC) will worth $10 each in less than a year from now.

Kringle Cash is another means of giving both new and existing members the opportunity to grab bits of this abundance free of charge. Well if you miss this free gift, it actually means that your village witch is actually restricting you from being free from poverty. What will it cost you just signing up and getting your free gift even if you do not have the cash to purchase TBC?

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GIVE ME THE FREE KRINGLES NOW Get free 100,000 kringles cash free instantly -If TBC has this value, why then am I getting kringle cash free of charge?

TheBillionCoin (TBC) is hinged on its membership agreement which is 1Million Verified users before 2018. This means that the strength of TBC is on its members. Its members respecting and abiding by the agreement that states that the value of TBC will never go down. This means that when you get the free kringle and want to purchase more coins (TBC) that you’ll purchase either from the TBC official site, the Nigerian tbc exchange platform or from us at the official price which never goes down until it reaches the ultimate price of 1 kringle = $10 or 1TBC = 1,000,000 Euro.

What an abundance based digital currency! am in. Ok then let’s answer the next question.

How can I get the Free 100,000 kringle to my TBC wallet?

  1. Visit (you’ll see something that looks like a call from santa- yes that’s the right page)
  2. Click on the phone to get to the next page
  3. Click on “Give me my gift now”
  4. Click on the Green button that says “let’s go to step one”
  5. Complete the kringle cash form with your full name, username, email address, country and your password. Then check the recaptcha box and sign up.

What should I do then to be part of this TBC success?

Let, your friends sign up and get free kringle, tell your loved ones about this and sign up for your colleagues. You have nothing to lose and you have a lot to gain.

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Where can I purchase TheBillionCoin (TBC) without being scammed – Get free 100,000 kringles cash free instantly

You can purchase either from the TBC official site, the Nigerian tbc exchange (Witty Exchange- to sign up, use as sponsor) platform or from us HERE at the official price.



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