Make TBC admin enable your SEND button for transactions

How to make TBC admin enable your SEND button for transaction

The TBC admin disabled the SEND button today, now it’s time you do your part to Make TBC admin enable your SEND button for transactions. While this might be a bad news, it is geared towards saving you from wasting your coin/kringles in the quest for money.

Here is what the official TBC blog has to say about this:

Some of you may not like our solution to speeding up our experiments, but we have to take a step or two backwards in order to move forward.  Soon, most of you will notice that you don’t have a functional send button in your TBC wallet.  Your wallets can still receive TBC/Kringle coins, but you will not be able to send TBC/Kringle coins, because we will have “Disabled” your send button.  We will selectively turn on the send button for some of you.  Those that have an “Enabled” send button can enter into a transaction to send to another TBC/Kringle coins.  The TBC blockchain will continue to process the existing backlog of transactions and take on much less newer transactions until the backlog is wiped out.  Then, as we continue our experiments with our crypto-currency code we will get test results much faster.  That is how we are going to solve the capacity problem.  Once we can see that all transactions are fully (100%) completing again and doing so quickly, we will “Enable” more of your send buttons in the TBC community.  This will be a systematic approach making our way through the whole TBC community as we expand the number of “Enabled” send buttons as we go.  At some point, the capacity problem will be completely solved to handle all of the transactions of the whole TBC community.  Then ALL send buttons will be “Enabled.”  Just remember, this capacity problem has already been solved in the crypto-currency world, we just need to implement what others have already done successfully.  In other words, this is not going to be a lingering problem that takes several months to solve.

Make TBC admin enable your SEND button for transactions -Now the TBC admin has been disabled, Who are the people that will benefit first? Below is information from TBC Blog

At this time, there are less than 2,000 Members qualified to have their Send Buttons turned back on once the backlog has been cleared out.  These are the “Trusted Sellers” and they have done a great job of following directions from Admin.  They are all well aware of the penalty for discounting TBC coins, that access to their wallets would be suspended permanently, without any kind of refund for the TBC coins they purchased in those wallets.  So, we will now have far fewer transactions to watch once we turn the Send Buttons back on for these “Trusted Sellers.”  I’m sure none of them will dare to do any kind of discounting.  Discounters work in the opposite direction of the core concept of an “Abundance-Based” currency.  Discounters have almost destroyed TBC on more than one occasion.  I don’t think they were trying to destroy TBC on purpose, I believe out of sheer ignorance they felt that they had something to gain, so instead of honoring the “Membership Agreement,” they chose to keep the mindset of scarcity and competed against all the other members of TBC on the basis of price.  TBC is a “Private Group” of people and we have our own agreements and rules within our group, and the right to enforce them.  The benefit of belonging to our “Private Group” is that owning any amount of TBC/Kringle coins creates automatic wealth!  We are in the wealth creation phase of rolling out our global currency.

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Make TBC admin enable your SEND button for transactions -How to qualify to have SEND button enabled

You can qualify to have your SEND button enabled by being a TRUSTED SELLER. As at the time of this report, there is less than 2,000 TBC members that are qualified to be a “Trusted Seller.”

  1. Log on to your kringle cash back office to make the $10 payment.
  2. Let your friends know about TBC by telling them about the 50,000 Free kringle Cash offer
  3. Getting 100 confirmed registered friends on kringle cash, place you at the front of the queue.
  4. The more friends you get registered, your opportunity of becoming a tester (For people ho are ELIGIBLE) and the earlier you have your send button ENABLED

Here is a message from the TBC admin confirming this:

But, as a “Trusted Seller” you will have a huge opportunity to sell TBC coins ongoing.  Right now there is only one requirement to become a “Trusted Seller” and that is to pay your $10 fee while promising to honor the “Membership Agreement.”  Those “Trusted Sellers” with 100 plus referrals are in the front of the line to have their Send Buttons turned back on, and like I said less than 2,000 are fully qualified to see their Send Buttons turned on very soon after the backlog clears out.  If you paid the $10 fee and do not have 100 referrals, then don’t worry, your send button will be turned back on in an orderly fashion.  You are just not in the front of the line, the date you paid your $10 fee determines your place in this line.  You can leap to the front of the line by getting 100 referrals.

Make TBC admin enable your SEND button for transactions –

Wouldn’t you rather move to the front by engaging in healthy competition of trying to give more people the FREE KRINGLE CASH GIFT?

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Now let’s do this: Are you creative and you have the content you can send to people to get them registered and have the free gift?

Drop it at the comment box with your referral link.

Do you have question? Use thee comment box. Please, don’t ask if we will buy TBC, we will mark your comment as spam and till eternity all your comments on this site will always go to SPAM or automatically deleted so don’t abuse the opportunity, You can get more referrals today.

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