Proper Structure Prevents Leaders from Becoming Overwhelmed

Proper Structure Prevents Leaders from Becoming Overwhelmed

In the beginning of large growth leaders can find themselves inside a massive storm of pure chaos.  Admin has already given you the solution to get out of that chaos and how to keep on building in a peaceful and orderly manner.  People need to be moved quickly into a position inside the 10 x 10 Matrix for Humanity.



As a leader you need to focus your time on completely training the 10 Members below you to be able to answer any question you could answer yourself.  Daily contact with these 10 Members will go a long ways in freeing up your time.  You should be able to delegate people to them that have a lot of questions once you have completely trained them to do so.  10 of them can do 10 times as much as you can do!  Get it?

Next, you need to properly organize your time with priorities.  Your number one priority is when people want to send you money.  It costs $110 to get into this 10 x 10 Leadership Matrix, so people will need to connect to a Trusted Seller to send them a $100 to get in.  So, when people want to send you money, be sure you keep your time open enough to engage them ASAP.  Less than 50,000 Members have paid the $110 to get into this Matrix, and now we have about one and a half million Members that will be climbing all over each other to get qualified for the Billionaire Cookie Rewards instead of the the Millionaire Cookie Rewards:

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Your second priority is when people want to partner with you to complete a transaction for their referrals.  50% of something is still better than 0% of nothing.  So, be sure to be available to those that want to partner with you.  They will lead long trains of people to you while you have a Send button, and they do not yet have a Send button.

Third priority is your Alpha inside the Leadership matrix.  Your Alpha will groom you to be a great leader!  Then your fourth priority is your 10 Members below you in the matrix.  As you are groomed by your Alpha, you need to pass that grooming along to your ten.  If your ten have a question, it is extremely important that you get the correct answers to your ten.  Whatever you tell them, they will pass along to their ten respectively.

Your lowest priority is all the many people bombarding you on email, and social media and all of their questions.  Be quick to find out their intent.  If they want your time, but don’t want to pay you, then why should you give them your time????

They have this blog, the TBC websites, the training in Brian’s Updates and thousands of YouTube videos.  If they don’t want to pay for access to you, I would share this article with them.  They need to know how valuable a Leader is with a Send button.

If they are complainers, and just want to share their negativity with you, then you must quickly block them and get them out of your space!

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