TBC Billionaire club to be launched soon

TBC Billionaire club to be launched soon

TheBillionCoin will launch the Billionaire’s Club in July, 2017. You are advised to buy as much TBC as you can afford today, the price will never go down.

To join the Billionaire’s Club you will be expected to have and hold 1 full TBC coin.  Anyone with less than 1TBC will not be able to stay in the club.

In the Billionaire’s Club, there will be 4 separate levels of membership.  1,000 TBC holder or more will be placed at the top level of this exclusive club.  Three levels below that will be 100; 10; and 1. When you join this club you will agree to let your contact information to be automatically known by all of the members at your level or above.

TBC Billionaire’s Club will allow the TBC Billionaires to freely interact within this exclusive social media platform.  The purpose of this club is to make communications open and yet private among these Billionaire’s to discuss large projects that they can share with each other to provide the TBC capital to fund them.

Perhaps a member of this club wants to build a needed Dam in Congo to bring electricity to the people of that country.  They have done their homework and have penciled in a plan to make this happen, yet they lack enough funds to pay for it all by themselves.  So, they are willing to offer a ROI to the other members to make it happen fast.  Instead of taking years to complete a plan such as this, they can use their combined resources to make it happen even sooner.


Much, much sooner!  TBC Billionaires will make billions more by funding such large scale projects such as that.  If you possess the vision to see the real possibilities that await us in the future as a community, then you will find a way to get into this club and enjoy its exclusive benefits.


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