TBC Update – TBC admin plan 2018

TBC Update – TBC admin plan 2018

The TBC admin in his recent update stated that there are lots of exciting things in store for all of us in 2018. Perhaps one of the most exciting things is the early Cookie Redemption in the whole month of May 2018 starting on May 1st, 2018.

According to the TBC admin,

We hope to close out the Billionaire section of the matrix by then–1,111,111 spots. Behind the scenes are many teams working on various aspects of TBC.

We have a team working on the bank, and I’m really looking forward to putting a sock in the mouths of the loud mouth naysayers that don’t believe in the bank behind TBC. This is not a small commercial bank we are dealing with, this particular bank is already sitting on enough assets that they could end poverty globally themselves. Yet, this bank operates independent of the Cabal.

The Testers will be able to cash out $500 a week for about a month or so.  I hope you understand, that amount monthly to every poor person on Earth would end poverty.  But like Bitcoin Randy keeps saying and proving, you can earn that much and more by following the Kringle Cash system today and that is how we will build up our membership base.

We have a team working on the existing coin network and lately it has improved greatly in speed and transaction confirmation.  But unfortunately, the current TBC coin software is too riddled with bugs for mass adoption.

We have a completely separate team building the New Coin Network and more reports on it will come out once the holidays pass.  I’ve become even more gun shy to suggest a date of when we will migrate, because I’ve been accused of dangling a carrot and moving the goal posts and such; and I only have so much ability to predict things once they complete them.

The earlier the better as far as I’m concerned; looks good that within the 1st quarter of 2018 both the Bank and Migration will happen.  I push hard everyday for things to happen sooner than later.  We also have a support team dealing with all the support tickets that come in; and they are overworked if you ask me.

The TBC Police team are carrying out various functions to defend the value of our TBC coins.  An “Abundance-based” currency is a brand new idea, and it does take time to help people understand what TBC is all about.  In the mean time, we have to correct people that are members that fall out of alignment with the concept of an “Abundance-based” currency.

The point is, there are alot of teams working behind the scenes in our behalf to make the concept of an “Abundance-based” currency a reality.  Unlike what some may think, these people are NOT paid in TBC/Kringles.  TBC is still an emerging currency and is far from being considered liquid to the masses.

It took Bitcoin years as a NEW concept to reach the stage where you see today, that it has become liquid using “Market Exchanges.”  90% of the Coin Market Cap on “Exchanges” are not liquid either due to low volume of trades on those coins.  So, these teams working for us all get paid today in some form of liquid money.

That money has come from you–the Members.  Every-time one of you our Members pays the $10 fee it contributes to paying the people behind the scenes of TBC.  We are doing good, and we can feel good about our collective progress over our 1st 21 months of our existence.  Together we are making this idea of an “Abundance-based” currency a reality.

Don’t let our non-liquid currency status today discourage you, (Jimmy–yes, I have read your comment) as a peer to peer currency we have flourished from the day we launched.  Marketing our peer to peer currency couldn’t be easier if you follow our Kringle Cash system, with or without a Send button.  I personally am envious of you the regular members.

If I was just a regular member without a Send button, I would make at least 10 times more following the Kringle Cash marketing system than what I get from the leftovers of the $10 payments after the bills are paid.  We do have a cash reserve and cash flow is OK to keep on paying the bills to run TBC.  Even with a bank, it will take TBC a year or two from now to go mainstream and become a liquid currency.

We have many obstacles ahead of us, and we will have to overcome all of them, in order for us to reach the status of a liquid currency.  May gratitude fill our hearts and not judgement, because we need each other in order to make this a better world.  I sincerely appreciate every effort made by each and every one of you to lift up TBC, especially the efforts of the Leaders within TBC–without YOU, I would have already failed.

It’s not easy to convince anyone to become a leader, because leaders get most of the rocks thrown at them.  So, THANK YOU very much.  Stay strong, and let’s find a way to unite even more so.  TBC was just an idea, but is now also a plan, and later it will become the fuel each of us can use to get to any destination we desire.  Be happy, keep up the effort, and let’s rejoice together at each and every achievement we accomplish both as individuals as well as collectively.

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