The Art of Self-Promotion (Poster/Article)


So many TBCians have left MONEY on the table and it is time for YOU to scoop it up for yourself.  Giving away the Kringle Gift, valued at almost $1,000, is a very soft approach to introducing and selling a person on the concept of TBC.  Of course there is a Cookie Reward attached to each person you help to collect that gift, but don’t forget about the opportunity to put some cash in your pocket too, by following up with those that accepted this wonderful gift.  Fortunes are made in the FOLLOW-UP!  Within a couple of days of signing up a new Member, you should follow up with them and show them how the value in Euros has increased in their wallet automatically based on the recent growth of the memberships.  Help them understand that we are in the distribution phase of the TBC economy and at this moment we are setting up the TBC Billionaires.  This is also a good time to point out how unstable the current global economy is with so few Billionaires and Millionaires and it is going to collapse, and everyone has heard that it will collapse.  Wouldn’t they like to be one of the Billionaires in this emerging economy that will be driven by PEOPLE POWER, instead of military might.  For $100 Admin will give them a Cookie Reward worth millions today and destined to be worth a Billion once we fully mature.  YOU collect the $100 from them and KEEP IT (YOU will not send even 1 cent of that $100 to Admin) then YOU send them $100 of TBC to their wallet, they don’t even have to have a Send button to get the $100 of TBC from you.  Ideally, they send a little bit more than $110 to YOU and then you arrange to take $10 of that and help them pay the Admin fee in one of the crypto-currencies we accept.  Guys, the market of people to approach is EVERYONE, not just people that are already into crypto-currencies.  Of course, YOU should also explain that they can purchase more than $100 too, because the Cookie Rewards are based on sets.  How sad is it when TBCians take the time to give away the Kringle Gift, and then never follow up to get the cash that is certainly sitting on the table because they failed to follow up?

Over 2.8 Million Members have yet to get a Cookie Reward.  That’s tens of millions of dollars just sitting on the table, waiting for some smart TBCians to scoop it up.  That’s why this article is all about the art of self-promotion.  Now is the perfect time to get the attention of Members that only accepted the gift.  Most of those had a sponsor in TBC, but the sponsor is doing a horrible job of taking care of their recruits.  These recruits do not even know about the Cookie Rewards!  Unlike an MLM you are not stuck with a sponsor in TBC, we are our own marketplace.  It’s fair game to promote yourself as a TBC orphanage.  Get on YouTube and start your video by saying, has your sponsor in TBC abandoned you?  If you have been abandoned then you are a TBC orphan and “I” would be glad to take you in.  There is so much more to TBC than just receiving the Kringle Gift.  “I’ll” show you how you can become a TBC Billionaire by just making a simple purchase.  That’s ALL you have to do!  A video, like that and you place it into the Testimonial area of the website.  Testify about yourself, how you are able to help people that are orphaned.  When you do a testimonial video, sell yourself.  Go over the features and benefits of what a person can expect if they choose to do business with you.  That’s what most of your testimonial video should be about.  Do at least one 3 to 5 minute video a day filled with self-promotion.  Capture your TBC transactions on video, and get the person that is sending you money to testify how great you are to do business.  That’s a powerful video.  See the Testimonial area as the perfect place to self-promote.  Because I designed it to be just that.  I want to empower YOU!

Now that we have a 24/7 Broadcast, that is an even better place to pick up some orphans.  Become a Broadcaster and do a 30 minute show regularly, you don’t need alot of attendees.  Use the 30 minutes to find out about the people that do attend your show.  Ask them questions.  Are they orphans?  If so, become Facebook friends with them LIVE on the show.  Let them know you will take good care of them.  See the show as more like a live chat session, only your part is on video, or set up your show so they can be on video too if they want to.  Don’t lecture for 30 minutes, engage and have conversations about TBC with your viewers.  That by far is more entertaining than watching a 30 minute lecture.  This is all about self-promotion, learn how to be good at that!

We have 2 Redemption periods this year to convert Cookies into Kringles.  The whole months of May and November are dedicated to be the Redemption periods.  Spread the word how soon we will start redeeming again.  Have Fun and make a Ton of MONEY!