TheBillionCoin Android App wallet guide

TheBillionCoin Android App wallet guide

You can now choose which Coins will be held in the TBC Wallet. Assuming we proceed by selecting TBC coin and Bitcoin.

Step 1: Now Select the Crypto-Currencies that you want to use in this wallet. We will now select just the two most important for use in the TBC community, TBC Coin and Bitcoin.00-25-ChooseTBC'BTC'LTE.pngStep 2: Select TheBillionCoin and it will Highlight Blue.00-26-ChooseTBC.pngStep 3: Select the Bitcoin and it will Highlight Blue.

Step 4: Click Finished.Select which Coin you want to transact in.00-27-ChooseTBC'BTC.pngStep 5: Select TheBillionCoin. The TBC Wallet opens to the balance Tab, and the Wallet shows a Zero Balance.00-28-SelectWalletTBC.pngStep 6: From the balance Tab, you can SCROLL to the left for the Receive Tab and SCROLL right to the Send Tab; or just select the word/Tab you want go to (receive, balance, or send).000-29-0ballanceTBC.jpgStep 7: From the Receive Tab you can find the TBC Wallet address.00-30-RecTBC.pngStep 8: To Receive TBC from another Wallet, COPY the address to the Clipboard or SHARE it directly, so you can send to somebody.00-30-RecTBC-Next1.pngStep 9: After Selecting SHARE, the Apps available to SHARE will appear below.000-32-Rec-ShareTBC.pngStep 10: The Exchange can be used only between Bitcoin and Litecoin. TBC is not any exchange because the pricing formula is not compatible with market based pricing of other cryptocurrencies.36-ExchangeBTC'LTC.jpgStep 11: Bitcoin works the same as TBC Coin in this Wallet.-ballance.jpg


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