TheBillionCoin has Doubled in Value for the 20th Time Today

TheBillionCoin has Doubled in Value for the 20th Time Today

Today is a historic day for TheBillionCoin members, the price of TBC has now exceeded the highest market price of Bitcoin.  Yesterday, TheBillionCoin doubled in value for the 20th time since the launch on March 21st, 2016.

This could be said to be the midway point of the doubles in TBC because TBC will only double in value 40 times and then the price will be stable forever at one billion Euros per coin.

To achieve this, TBC will verify one billion members that will all agree to the price of TBC worldwide.  When a billion people on Earth agree that TBC is this valuable, TBC will be unstoppable.

If you fail to purchase TBC now, you’ll find it difficult later as you might end up buying in Kringles. Kringle is a unit of TBC. Hence, measures are being taken now to eradicate the members who are selling at discounted rates and also scammers.

As at today, TBC have over 75,000 Verified Members.

Here is the formula for massive growth within TheBillionCoin:  Buy; Hold; Partner

1st you need to Buy at least $100 of TBC coins.  It takes time for those TBC coins to mature in value to become wealthy, so you have to Hold on to them until they become more valuable to you.  That could take 6 months to a year.

In the meantime, you all should Partner with people that have enough value in their TBC coins to afford to Sell them at this time ongoing.


Marketing of TheBillionCoin is very simple.

i. Offer to give 100,000 Kringles to everyone you know personally.

ii. Show them the value of holding 100,000 Kringles.

iii. Then after they receive the gift of 100,000 Kringle, invite them to buy more while the price of Kringles is still low.  Invite them to buy at least $100 now so that they can become a Millionaire automatically.  Split the profit of these sales with your Partner.  Even a brand new Member could earn back a $100 in a day or two from their purchase by partnering and splitting the profits.  In fact, a brand new Member could earn $100 a day in income by partnering.  Buy!  Hold!  Partner!


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