TheBillionCoin (TBC) is a scam?

TheBillionCoin (TBC) is a scam?

If you are not one of my blog readers, you must have asked Google or any other search engine you use if TheBillionCoin (TBC) is a scam that landed you in this post.

Is this the usual kinda post that wants to draw your attention? YES! Most people are always looking for the negative side and not the positive side of a thing. Hence, whatever you expect from life, it gives you.

Now, why do you think TBC is a scam?

Some years ago, Bitcoin came into existence and was called a SCAM. Do you want to confirm? take a look at recent Google search to know if Bitcoin (BTC) is a scam.

TheBillionCoin (TBC) is a scam?

TheBillionCoin (TBC) is a scam?

Now you see? Answer me: IS BITCOIN A SCAM?

TheBillionCoin (TBC) is not a SCAM and will never be. take time to understand what TBC is and become a member on time before it is late. PEOPLE ARE ALREADY MAKING MONEY SELLING TBC. Join the train Now!

For all the reasons you think made TheBillionCoin(TBC) a scam, you need to understand what TBC is, the aim, objective and membership agreement.

To understand everything about TBC, kindly read the TBC official blog

Things you need to know about TBC

What is TBC?

TBC is an acronym for The Billion Coin. It is an Abundance-Based Cryptocurrency with a Mission to End Global Poverty 2018. Most other Cryptocurrencies are Market-based, this is what makes them respond to the forces of the market.
But for TBC, its value is in the dependent in the community growth. The ultimate price of TBC is the Number of its Verified Members multiplied by 1 Euro, meaning that as the community continues to grow, so also does the value of TBC.
TBC appreciate between 1%-5% daily and does not depreciate, the coin was programmed that way so as to create abundance for the community.

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Why is TBC not listed on the Coin Market?

TheBillionCoin (TBC) is membership based and not market-based. The coin market is not a measure of the genuineness of a coin. The coin market is just a trading platform where market-based coins are bought and sold.

Only market-based coins can be listed on the coin market but TBC is not meant to be in the coin market because it’s not market-based but community-based.

Why can’t I convert my TBC to Cash immediately?

Currently, TBC a Store of Value and yet to enter the Exchange phase. There are 2 phases of TBC which include store of value stage and exchange phase;

  1. Store of Value Phase: This is the wealth creation phase of TheBillionCoin (TBC) where the value is appreciating and creating wealth for every holder.
  2. Means of Exchange Phase: This is at that point where we have grown to one Billion members in the TBC Community.

Hence, we are not yet in the phase where TBC will become liquid, but in the phase of building the community in order to give value to the coin and transform it into a means of exchange.

I am not able to pay the $10 kringle Cash fee, what should I do?

I recommend using GTbank MasterCard for the $10 payment. In the area of Zip/postal code, use 23401. If after all attempt you are not able to make the payment, the only option left for you is bitcoin.

Who is a TBC Trusted Seller?

A TBC Trusted Seller is anyone who has paid his/her $10 Kringle Cash fee and has committed to honouring our membership agreement which is to never sell TBC below the current price.

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How Can I earn more Free TBC, I only have the free kringles?

The TBC admin has made everything easier even when you cannot afford to purchase 1 full TBC which is currently worth over 900Million Naira.

  • Option 1: Refer 100 persons to TBC and claim a cookies reward of 10TBC
  • Option 2: Purchase $100 worth of TBC from a Trusted Seller to claim cookies reward of 1TBC. Each $100 gives you an opportunity of having 1TBC. Wow!  Is this not discounting? NOOOO….This is a mouth-watering offer you cannot afford to miss. in other words, the reward is geared toward sharing this abundance with everyone, especially those who did not join the train on time.

I don’t have my button, How can I partner with a TBC Trusted Seller?

TBCadmin is aware of this that he created a system where everyone has equal opportunity to make money in TBC. This is where the transaction amount is shared 50/50 between the Trusted seller and the partner.

You can make as much money as possible in TBC even without a SEND BUTTON. Currently, there are 111 Trusted Sellers. You can partner with us by completing the form here. Completing the form is not compulsory, you can contact us each time you have a buyer.


Use the comment box to ask any question about TheBillionCoin (TBC) and we will answer you.


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