While YOU are Asking When Will the Bank Open, Others are Earning MONEY TODAY! (Poster/Article)


Every time someone asks when will the Bank or FIAT Exchange start, send them this article.  Are you anxious for the Bank to start exchanging $500 a week of your TBC into a Fiat currency using an ATM card?  Why are you so anxious?  Why do you keep asking that question over and over again?  Obviously that question really irritates the Leaders inside of the TBC community.  Why does it irritate them?  Because that situation is completely outside of their control.  All they can say is it will get here when it gets here and to go to this blog and stay updated.  So, let me tell you what needs to happen before the Bank can come in and start accepting our TBC.  First and foremost, TBC needs to be a strong and stable currency, and remain so, in order for the Bank to do any business with us.  If you haven’t been paying attention, the tech side of our coin crashed and it has taken a very long time to debug all of the causes of that and clearly the only real solution to fix that is to migrate to the new blockchain we have set up.  We are super close to the beginning of the migration process at this time.  Of course the Bank will be watching us closely during that migration process to see how the new tech holds up.  That’s why I’m taking the necessary time needed to set up the new tech properly before we start migrating.  We are doing extensive tests right now on what we have already set up.  So far, everything looks good.  Second of all is the Bank wants to see a strong and well behaved community surrounding our TBC coin.  Frankly, we could do a much better job at cleaning up our social media presence.  I’ll be addressing that more in articles to come.  Just bare in mind that the Bank wants to preserve their positive reputation.  This is not a small bank as I have said many times before, and they can interface with any other bank without out being under the total control of the Elite.  This is a very special kind of bank, because they hold real assets and not just paper like most other banks.  This bank has similar values to that of TBC, and are actually concerned for humanity.  So, we do have much work ahead of us to shape up the TBC community so that the Bank will be happy to do business with us.  So, bottom-line is that we are months away from starting the FIAT exchange.  The TBC programmers did not deliver in January as I had hoped, and I even made some adjustments in personnel because of the time slipping away.  A successful migration is needed before we can engage the Bank officially in FIAT exchanges.  Yet, you are filled with anxiety on this matter.

Let’s redirect that anxiety towards something within your personal power to get you what you want.  You want MONEY in your pocket NOW.  I completely understand that, but the Bank is not an immediate solution for that, is it?  So, engage our GET PAID TODAY training in your Kringle Cash back office.  Engage our leaders 24/7 on the Live Broadcast and partner up with them so you can get some money in your pocket right away.  Stay tuned into this blog and become educated on TBC.  And most of all, STOP BELIEVING YOU CAN GET SOMETHING FROM NOTHING.  TBC does create wealth automatically, but at this time extracting any of that wealth takes time and effort.  Go out there and EARN MORE THAN $500 A WEEK IN TBC RIGHT NOW!