www.tbcpolice.org TheBillionCoin Police Launched

www.tbcpolice.org TheBillionCoin Police Launched

TheBillionCoin Police has been launched to do away with discounters in the TBC community.

What is TBC and the TBC Police?

TBC Police is a group of individuals with like minded passion for greatness and stability. TBC police is made up of individuals who are bonded with one purpose, which is getting rid of all plague within The Billion Coin Community.

The TBC police believe in the future that the billion coin has come to create, and will not rest until all discounters are suspended forever.

TBC police urge you to join as we flush out these parasites through the TBC report portal, all cases reported will treated with urgency.

THEBILLIONCOIN have worked very hard to structure a crypto-currency that creates wealth for ALL of its Users until it matures to the point where each TBC coin will be worth One-Billion-Euros per TBC coin. Each of its user has vested interest in protecting the TBC coins and the whole TBC community, especially the TBC Foundation!

The TBC Formula software drives the price of TBC and it guarantees You that the price will never go down; it only goes up until it reaches the Ultimate Price of TBC. This is all software driven and works automatically! THIS WILL MAKE YOU RICH!

As a Seller of TBC coins you are breaking the TBC Membership Agreement when you charge an additional fee to complete a transaction. Buyers should never ask for a discount for their purchase of TBC coins otherwise the Buyer has violated the TBC Membership Agreement and will be dealt with by our fraud department. Both of these activities will cause cracks within the TBC Foundation and enough cracks combined could destroy the entire structure that TBC is built upon.

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Both buyers and sellers wallets will be suspended forever, Keep advertising your discounting offers on Facebook, TBC groups as you are making it very easy for the TBC Police to find you.

TBC Police have ran several investigations on every Every exchanger at their disposal and realized that over 98% of all the exchangers are just Ponzi Schemes; Any dealings with them is at owner’s Risk.

Any Exchanger that is reported as scam will be investigated on, and if found guilty, it will be black listed on the TBC fraud list. Any information that is not gotten from TBCPOLICE.ORG or any of our channels is not valid.


Functions of TBC Police

  • We Enforce TBC Membership Agreement
  • We Expose TBC Discounters
  • We Expose TBC Scammers
  • We Expose Fake TBC Merchants
  • We Expose Fake TBC Merchants

TBC Police Phone Number

  • +8227654237877678

TBC Police Contact:

  • http://www.tbcpolice.org/report
  • http://www.telegram.com/tbcpolice
  • https://www.facebook.com/tbcpolice
  • https://twitter.com/tbcpolice
  • https://www.instagram.com/tbcpolice
  • inforeport@tbcpolice.org
  • info@tbcpolice.org


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