www.testers.cash Latest update for TheBillionCoin (TBC) Community

www.testers.cash Latest update for TheBillionCoin (TBC) Community

www.testers.cash Latest update for TheBillionCoin (TBC) Community

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TheBillionCoin (TBC) Admin has clearly stated that prior to the 10,000 emails that was sent to the early birds (testers), that the prospective testers has been given until Friday to open their email from no-reply@testers.cash and use the login and password in it to access the Test Site and complete the Questionnaire.

Testers who did not get this email are advised to check their spam or Junk folders as a new domain such as testers.cash takes time to get white listed and most default settings on email clients are set to filter out non-white-listed domains from the Inbox.

The TBC Admin also stated that on Friday, the same email will be sent to all of the Back Up Testers so they can login and complete the same Questionnaire.

About a third of the Testers got more than one Tester number most likely due to refreshing their browser after clicking the submit button.  All of these current Tester numbers are conditional and once admin has reviewed the accounts of each Tester that completed the questionnaire then a permanent Tester number will be issued and all duplicates will be removed.

So far, only 67 Testers have failed this test–Questionnaire.  We currently have 6,068 Back Up Testers.  The Questionnaire will end up being the easiest part of being a Tester.

It has been made clear that if you do not currently own and are holding at least 0.01 TBC coins you will not have enough to participate in the Testing Phase of our Fiat Bank Exchange.

DO NOT START THE QUESTIONNAIRE IF YOU DON’T HAVE AT LEAST 0.01 TBC COINS–AUTOMATIC FAIL ON THIS TEST.  Feel free to purchase additional TBC coins so you will have enough to participate and wait for the coins to confirm in your wallet, and then go and complete the Questionnaire.

You can purchase TBC from us with A debit/credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin or Cash Transfer or Deposit into our account.

For a third party purchase using escrow service, feel free to register at WITTYXCHANGE

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Where you see: Enter sponsor’s username to join us, ENTER: https://wittyxchange.com/?link=fscatter

Most of the newly placed transactions on the TBC blockchain are confirming on both the sender and receiver sides in less than a day now.  But, due to the backlog, some are not and are taking longer which adds to the backlog.  The backlog is down to only 1,086 from over 100,000 before.

We request that you refrain from doing any transactions at this time if you can.  Obviously if you sell some TBC and have received payment for it, then you must send TBC coins to your Buyer, even at this time.  Hopefully, these new transactions will go smoothly.

Too many people are sending TBC coins to themselves from wallet to wallet and this activity should stop for now.  We believe we will get through all of the backlog transactions by tomorrow, and things should be smooth after that.  Currently, we have completed a total of 2,047,690 transactions since the day we launched on March 21st, 2016.

https://thebillioncoin.trade/ was down for about a week due to hardware failure.  Both hard-drives on that server went bad all of a sudden according to the hosting service we are using for that website.  We have no control over 3rd party outages, whatever the reasons may be.

We worked as quickly as we could with them to get the website back up.  Everything should be in working order now, but if you come across an issue with any aspect of the website feel free to send in a ticket to tickets@thebillioncoin.info.

Some of you are really missing the point of what we are doing right now.  As stated in the Questionnaire, the Bank was going to wait for us to get to a Million members before starting the exchange to Fiat.  They have every right to do that, although we are negotiating with them to allow us to proceed regardless of our current numbers.

Why is it such a concern for those of you raising that concern?  We are very close to raising a million members, we are practically at the half way point now.  The point is, our value to the Bank rests on our ability to quickly grow to at least one Billion Verified Members.  We need to believe in that we can do that.

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The Kringle Cash Giveaway makes is so simple to share and distribute TBC coins and add new Verified Members in the process.  As I mentioned in the previous article we should be able to get to a billion members by the time the timer runs to zero:  http://blog.thebillioncoin.info/2017/07/13/tbc-has-doubled-in-value-for-the-26th-time-today-postersvideoarticle/

The TBC Community is a private group, and as a private group we can agree to do almost anything we would like.  But, the Fiat Bank Exchange is our official way to enter the public side of things and the public side is highly regulated.  So, leadership is becoming even more important as we pass through to the public side.

Not all of our Elected Leaders have performed as they should have up to this point.  The Canadian Elected Leader never consummated his relationship with Admin after all of this time and as a result the Canadian Election is now void.  As trump would say:  “Your Fired!”   Bitcoin Randy has been authorized to interview each of the Elected Leaders and evaluate them.

If within that analysis an Elected Leader has failed to perform accordingly, then we would ask for their resignation and the return of the remaining bounty of 100,000 to 200,000 TBC coins whatever the bounty was collected and then we would hold a new election for those countries.

If the Elected Leader fails to cooperate in the case of asking for their resignation we would then just suspend all of the wallets of that Leader and be done with them.  So, it is best to cooperate and do as asked.  We need strong leaders that will complete Admin’s assignments.  When they do, our membership numbers will soar!

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